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Winchester Cathedral, looking north-west

Welcome to the Winchester Excavations Committee. We are a charity with small teams based in Winchester and Oxford, led by Professor Martin Biddle.

Our current focus is the publication and digitisation of the Winchester Studies series of volumes. These are works of detailed scholarship, covering the findings from the archaeological excavations in Winchester between 1962 and 1971. This decade-long archaeological programme under the auspices of the Excavations Committee, informed key aspects of modern urban archaeology and post-excavation research and has revolutionised our understanding of Roman and medieval Winchester.

The Winchester Studies series incorporates literary, artistic, historical and documentary evidence, and examines architectural sources; when completed the series will provide a uniquely comprehensive profile of Winchester’s past for future generations.

‘One of the most important excavations Worldwide of the 20th century’

- The Times, 1 January 2000

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