Winchester Studies Series

The results of our wide-ranging research, including the excavations, are published in the series ‘Winchester Studies’. We have teams based in Winchester and Oxford preparing the remaining volumes. Please see our publications list below.


WS 1 Martin Biddle (ed.), Winchester in the Early Middle Ages

WS 2 Derek Keene, Survey of Medieval Winchester

WS 3.i Francis M. Morris and Martin Biddle, Venta Belgarum: Prehistoric, Roman and Post-Roman Winchester

WS 3.ii Giles Clarke, The Roman Cemetery at Lankhills

WS 4.ii Michael Lapidge, The Cult of St Swithun

WS 4.iii Alexander R. Rumble, Property and Piety in Early Medieval Winchester

WS 7.ii Martin Biddle, Object and Economy in Medieval Winchester

WS 8 Martin Biddle (ed.), The Winchester Mint

WS 9.i Caroline M. Stuckert (ed.), The People of Early Winchester

WS 10 Martin Biddle, Jane Renfrew, and Patrick Ottaway (eds.), Environment and Agriculture of Early Winchester

WS 11 Martin Biddle and Derek Keene (eds.), Winchester: Atlas


In Preparation

WS 4.i Birthe Kjølbye-Biddle and Martin Biddle, The Anglo-Saxon Minsters of Winchester

WS 5 Martin Biddle et al., The Brooks and other Town Sites of Medieval Winchester

WS 6.i Beatrice Clayre and Martin Biddle, Winchester Castle: Fortress, Palace, Garrison, and County Seat

WS 6.ii Martin Biddle et al., Wolvesey Palace

WS 7.i Katherine Barclay, Ceramics from Winchester

WS 9.ii Mark Maltby (ed.), The Animals of Early Winchester

Additional Publications

Martin Biddle et al., King Arthur’s Round Table
Martin Biddle, The Search for Winchester’s Anglo-Saxon Minsters
The Winchester Excavations Committee and the British Historic Towns Atlas, An Historical Map of Winchester From Medieval Times to 1800

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