WS 11 Winchester: 6 British Historic Town Atlas
Martin Biddle and Derek Keene (eds) (Oxford, 2017) 

This volume follows on from the publication of the highly successful folding Historical Map of Winchester about 1800. Published by The Historic Towns Trust and The Winchester Excavations Committee and edited by Martin Biddle and Derek Keene, the Atlas covers the whole development of the city from prehistoric times up to the modern day in a series of seventeen maps to Ordnance Survey standard, accompanied by a text of about 60,000 words, a 54,000 word gazetteer of places and street-names, and 140 illustrations of the city, its buildings, and streets taken from watercolours, engravings, and photographs. This volume forms part of the British Historic Towns Atlas series as well as the Winchester Studies series. This book was published on 15th November 2017.

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