The Winchester Mint receives excellent review in British Numismatic Journal

A new review in The British Numismatic Journal has described the Winchester Mint volume of Winchester Studies as 'the most important work of reference for the study of Late Saxon coinage to have been published in recent times'.

Andrew Woods, Curator of Numismatics at the Yorkshire Museum's Trust writes:

'A its heart is a dazzling detailed corpus of coins struck in Winchester between the reigns of Alfred and Henry III.  This is as near comprehensive as possible and includes die-links, weiths, diameters and provenance of over 5,000 coins, in addition to images for virtually all die combinations.  It was compiled by the late Yvonne Harvey and the scale of her efforts in its production are staggering, with tens of thousands of comparisons needed to complete the die study alone.  Students of Late Saxon coinage should be grateful to her for producing such tremendous resource and it will be a fitting legacy that her work is likely to act as the foundation and inspiration for a whole new generation of scholars. '

'...The book will continue to be important and relevant as a foundation for much further work for many years to come.  Any collector or scholar of the period should have a copy on their shelf.'



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